What Are City Building Games

By | September 28, 2021

Since the inception of the internet, a lot of games have been developed for the pleasure of internet users. These games might not be completely accepted in many angles as it concerns the ethics it comes with as a lot of people have argued against the addictive and emotional effects on the players all over the globe especially teenagers. But the fact remains that the new wave of games are which includes city building games are designed to give us insight into the world, what life is like, and what it should look like. Most of the city building games are indicative of real live situations or problems and seek for ways of solving these problems.

One of the games that are designed to instill developmental traits is the new wave of city building games. They are among the newest of the online games that you can enjoy yourself with while you exercise your brain and even learn more in the process. City building games involves the act of learning how to build, foster, govern, and even protect a city in form of a game.

In city building games, the gamers play the games in form an empire ruler, a castle lord, a village king and a manager of resources. What you do in the city building games includes strategically collecting and managing the taxes of the whole city or town, managing the loyalty of the inhabitants of the city and providing welfare of all sorts for them. You also research on things involving the city, how to protect the inhabitants, ward and fend off their enemies and traits and implement all these in all aspects.

These city building games are basically online strategy game, browser strategy game, or even in short MMORTS, MMOFBG. These games can come in terms of a competition between two players and one defeats the other by successfully building a city. It can also come in terms of one person who plays and grows in points. You can also enjoy the city building games as free and fake money games, or you can really enjoy it as a sort of games with real and virtual money where you play with and win money that can be withdrawn and used live. Basically the games involve the concept of building cities and trying to sustain and develop and eventually defend the cities you have built online.